DLBA DAIRY                    
        For Dairy & Ice cream Production                                                         
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DLBA company from beginning was established in 2005 for food trading . At that time it was more specialized on importing dairy products and ice cream from Greece (KRI KRI company),which still has strong link in our market.
At the same time ,in 2011 we decided to establish another company in Erbil “ DLBA Dairy Company ” for Dairy & Ice cream production , after a great effort in February 2014 the construction started on an area of 25000
square meter including a closed building on an area of 6000 square meter which could started the production in the beginning of 2016 ,as beginning of production, the capacity of our factory is 100 tons per day for many items of products .
It is worth to be mentioned that our machinery is European ,which have many specific types of features that cannot be found in most factories in Iraq and also in our neighboring countries .
We aim to produce products which are proper to the international standards. We have sales in Kurdistan Region and most of the provinces in Iraq.

Our mission is producing healthy products with high quality.